This guide will help you a little bit to max up your profit with the Inscription profession in the release of WoD.

With the BETA ending today I can tell you all the info I can collect about this profession. With this you can max up a little your profit in the firsts weeks/months of WoD expansión.

How to max your profession:

In WoD the professions trainer are useless so in order to get a max skill of 700 (xxx/700) You need to follow this steps when arriving to Draenor.

For the Horde!:

  1.  Loot Illegible Sootstained Notes from Bladespire Brute
  2.  Acept the quest and follow the chain: Unintelliglible Intelligence, Bypassing Security & Stealing the Declaration (the npc name is Nicholaus Page - Nicolas Cage alter ego maybe?)
  3.  Claim your rewards: Garrison Blueprint: Scribe's Quarters, Level 1 & Draenor Inscription

For the Alliance:

  1. Complete the quest Shadows Awaken
  2. Loot Mysterious Satchel from Karnoth
  3. Accept the quest and follow the chain: A Mysterious Satchel, Slow and Steady & The Power of Preservation
  4. Claim your rewards: Garrison Blueprint: Scribe's Quarters, Level 1 & Draenor Inscription

After you do this, you can now max your profession up to 700 skill and build your lvl 1 garrison building.

P.S.: You can get all lvl 1 profession blueprints when you upgrade your garrison to lvl 2. You should be upgrading it at lvl 92-93. Each blueprint cost 100g.


In WoD they are introducing this new way to craft profession ítems with the garrison small buildings. In the case of Inscription, this building is called the Scribe’s Quarters.

With the Scribe’s Quarter you can set a Work Order every 4 hours to get 1 warpaint, the cost is 2 Celurean Pigments (you get this from milling Draenor herbs).

At Scribe’s Quarter lvl 1 you can set up to 7 work orders at a time. At lvl 2 you can set up 14 & at lvl 3 you can set up 21. You can increase this with the Storehouse building. Remeber this don’t give you more mats, just allow you to set work for the next days and don’t have to log in every day to check out.
What you can craft with the Scribe’s Quarter? You can craft anything if you have this at lvl 3. To boost your Scribe’s Quarter to lvl 3 you need to updated your Town Hall (your garrison) to lvl 3. You need to be lvl 100 to do this and it cost 5k gold and 2k garrison resources.

Character profession:

Now the character profession. You can craft things with Draenor mats (Celurean Pigment) from level 1/700 if you do the steps to get the profession récipe as I said a few lines up. So you can catch up up to 600/700 in a few minutes. The best way to do it is crafting Research: Warbinder's Ink (you will need 600xLight Parchment & 600xWarbinder's Ink)

Once you reach 600/700 you can only level up with a daily cd for warpaints. Every cd gives you 5 skill points so you need 20 days to reach 700/700 skill points.

HOWEVER! You can reach 610/700 if you make MoP recipes right after you learn the profession recipe but before you do your first daily cd of warpaints.
What do you need to craft? 1xScroll of Wisdom & 15-25xChi-ji Kite

You should stop this at 610 and start using the WoD daily cd.

Why is important to reach 700 skill points asap?

Let me tell you why. Because of the amount of Warpaints you can get every day. When your skill is between 1-599 you will get 4 warpaints/day with this spell War Paints - Spell - World of Warcraft . When you reach 600-699 the same spell will give you 5 warpaints/day. But when you reach 700 you’ll learn a new spell War Paints - Spell - World of Warcraft that gives you 10 warpaints/day at the same cost. Really cool right?

What to do with the warpaints I get?

You can craft staves, offhand, want, cards (for DMF trinkets) & the new upgrade ítems. With this ítems you can upgrade your weapons from 630 to 640 & from 640 to 655. You can also upgrade your DMF trinket from 640 to 655 & from 655 to 665.

You can check the upgrade items right here:

About the DMF cards:

You can now craft 36 cards. That’s right 36:
8 cards of IRON (Tank trinket) + 1 http://www.wowhead.com/item=113135 that you can change at DMF for any other Iron card.
8 cards of MOON (Caster trinket) + 1 http://www.wowhead.com/item=113142 that you can change at DMF for any other Moon card.
8 cards of VISIONS (Healer trinket) + 1 http://www.wowhead.com/item=113139 that you can change at DMF for any other Visions card.
8 cards of WAR (Melee trinket) + 1 http://www.wowhead.com/item=113140 that you can change at DMF for any other War card.

This trinkets require to be lvl91 so you can level up with this so maybe their Price will be a little high for more months than ussual.

Maybe the question is: Should I craft cards or upgrades? This depends on your server demand. Probably lot of people do trinkets and nobody do upgrades or lots of upgrades in the AH an only a few trinkets. You should check AH for this. Maybe you can stack lots of Warpaints and when DMF comes you can choose what to do or just gamble and start making one or another asap.

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