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Make Gold by selling SoO runs or Garrosh only (appliable @WoD too)

I know this method is pretty known already, but as I haven't seen any guide about it on the forum, I had a feeling: why not put it on here.

This method involves having a Decent ilvl - 565+ prefered. but Any ilvl will work.


Knowledge of SoO encounter, tactics, and being cool headed when issues arise.

Note 1:

Your first few runs will most likely be messy, as you have to learn.

But in the end this guide should be able to help you get through it, even though you have a low ilvl.

Note 2:
Having 2 Seperate accounts, makes this method Optimal.

If you play on a LOW pop server, you can use a second account, make a level 1 char on a HIGH pop server, where the gold prices are high.

Going for this option does make the method a little bit harder:

You are going to have to get them to Add your MAIN char ( boosting char ) BattleTag, and invite them, and right before you Que or Enter , trade your level 1 battlechest account the gold, since u cannot trade gold x-realm, making them pay at Entrance is impossible unless on same server. ( i do this often)


PART 1 : Setting up your addons and Macros.


Addon #1 - KlaxxiTargets
KlaxxiTargets - Boss Encounters - World of Warcraft Addons - Curse

Addon # 2 - VEM ( This adddons Tells you when bosses are doign something, and tells YOU what to do)
Voice Encounter Mods (VEM) - MOP : Raid Mods : World of Warcraft AddOns

Addon # 3 Target Nameplate Indicator (Be sure to right click the .lua Inside this file, and switch to "NEON RED ARROW")
Target Nameplate Indicator : Unit Mods : World of Warcraft AddOns

Addon # 4 Extra CD ( This addon shows all of your Trinket Procks for maximum DPS)
ExtraCD - Combat - World of Warcraft Addons - Curse

Addon #5 ( my personal Favorite "Plate" addon - Infinity Plate - Not a specific requirement, just something I personally like)
Infinity Plates : Graphic UI Mods : World of Warcraft AddOns

2) Macros You will Need -- ( Create these macros IN GAME ) on Both accounts.


Main Account Macros:

Macro 1: ( Main account Macro - Flex 4 - FRESH)

/1 SoO Boosting | SoO HEROIC ( Old Normal) - FRESH , 1-14 Clear | Any Ilvl welcome, Forming NOW | AMOUNT-k For Spot, Garrosh Only = AMOUNT - k- Guarenteed Loot optionas Available @ AMOUNT-k (Optional) - 580+s in Raid | Fast Run | Send me for Invite!

/2 SoO Boosting | SoO HEROIC ( Old Normal) - FRESH , 1-14 Clear | Any Ilvl welcome, Forming NOW | AMOUNT-k For Spot, Garrosh Only = AMOUNT - k- Guarenteed Loot optionas Available @ AMOUNT-k (Optional) - 580+s in Raid | Fast Run | Send me for Invite!

AFK MACRO: ( For when people Wisper you, auto response)

/afk SoO Boosting - AMOUNT - k For Spot , etc etc etc etc.. add what you need thats perdinant.)


Note 1:

Amount has to be filled in by yourself. As the prices can be different on each server and of course the prices fluctuate over time.

Note 2:

When you Kill a boss, and your on Boss 2.. On your 2nd account, you can port out, sell it.. always sell every boss untill Garrosh, so your constantly make gold.

You can have 10 to 15 customers in 1 raid, rest of them are High ilvl from the new Blizzard Group Finder and your boosters.


Extra Information (DO READ)

Using blizzards Group Maker is easy... In the list select Mistsof pandaria, Selece Sige of ogrimar, and then selecet Normal, Heroic, or Mythic. Set up your raiid -- SoO Heroic - FRESH - Need All

You can Set a Minimum Item level , if you have it.. i prefer 550..

When your spamming for Customers, you need to find " Boosters " aswell.

Boosters = anybody 580+ who you PAY... to come the entire raid.

Never pay a booster at the Entrance. Always pay them afteer the Boss / Raid. They will rip you off.


Your first raid, i suggest getting 5+ customers, and 3-4 Boosters. I perfer not spending 10k per Booster. so i stick to the bare minimum.

Once you have Gotten customers, written them down, formed a raid with nice high ilvls, your ready to enter. FRESH, you can do as many times as you want a day.

GARROSHONLY, gotta find sum1 who has ID locked @ garrosh - be sure to spam in /1 and /2 for anybody saved @ garrosh

Once inside, its your job to LEAD.. Explain tactics, Anybody who gives you shit you can ask them politely to leave ot let you raid, anybody asking about the lower ilvls ( your Buyers ) say they are Guildies / Friends.


Paying 580+ peeps to come is ESSENTIAL,if you want to have a Good name as a Booster.

Remember this WAY of making money can also easily be applied when WoD comes out.

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