Wednesday, November 5

Shades of Warlords of Draenor in Darkmoon Faire?

World of Warcraft’s Darkmoon Faire world event launched the other day, and it became obvious almost straight away that it brought the “distant fragrance” of the Warlords of Draenor expansion – set to launch next Thursday – with it. The week-long extravaganza was probably put out to set the stage for the big WoD launch, and it does indeed do a fine job at that, with its exotic vendors, daily quests, various interesting mini-games and its level 103 world boss.

Yes, you read that right: Darkmoon Faire comes with a level 103 boss, Moonfang, a relatively plain-looking wolf, who is the strongest darn critter in the game now. With player levels capped at 90, taking Moonfang to the cleaners is a borderline impossible feat right now, so how come that Blizzard added her anyway? Is there a bug to this? Apparently not: with WoD coming out shortly and with the level cap for players about to be raised to 100, Moonfang is nothing but an early harbinger of things to come. What can be done about her for the time being though? Can she be defeated at all? The answer to that is yes, but it takes scores of players and quite a bit of time to take her down. Being a world boss, Moonfang will give drops to anyone who engages her and who manages to damage her.

Why exactly is she so strong though? In anticipation of the WoD launch, Blizzard have updated a bunch of things to version 6.0.2 and Moonfang is apparently part of the updated content. Indeed, once the level cap reaches 100, she’ll become much easier prey for the hordes of marauding, loot-hungry players.

Large-scale world-events such as the Darkmoon Faire one are always great in WOW and more than worth exploring. Check this one out while it’s available and sneak in a few shots at Monfang too while at it.

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