Monday, December 15

500 xp/hour by standing on ONE spot - REALLY good for grinding spot (Nagrand)

There is one spot in Nagrand, where wolves spawns instantly after you kill one. This of course can be taken advantage of. Not sure if it is better than questing, but I imagine that it is a really good spot for botting.

This is especially nice for

  • Easy xp farm, but its boring in the long run.
  • Drops LOTS of repeatable quest items [Hearty Soup Bone]
  • Skinning leather
  • AFK farming with a grinding-botU] (although I haven't done it yet)

A hut south of Riverside Post in Nagrand. There is a rare mob spawn there as well.
Coords: 51.52 - 56.24

How to:
Kill wolves > wolves instantly respawns > kill them again > loot bones > profit

It is important to use experience-bonus items

Battle Standard of Coordination - Standard of Unity - Banner of Cooperation – Increase EXP from treasures. Can be bought from guild vendors.
Excess Potion of Accelerated Learning – Increase EXP from treasures, monsters, quests, and bonus objectives by 20%. You get this from the innkeeper at your garrison.

I estimated to earn around 4000 experience points pr. minute from killing mobs itself, and ~6000 experience pr. minute from delivering the bones (to the repeatable quest Meatgut needs bones

NB:The experience points gained depends on how fast you can clear the minions and how many bones that drops.

As a rogue, I had some trouble sustaining my HP (as you have no space for eating food etc), but a 99 monk had no trouble soloing it.

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