Tuesday, December 16

Crafting Upgrades from Third garison building

  • Level 100 
  • Only 1 profession at 600 or higher if u got two you most lilely wont benefit from this.

As far as I know the only way how to craft upgrades for WoD crafted items is by professions (cant craft it just with garison building).

If you are willing to **** up your second profession slot and sacrifice small amount of gold and time every day you can craft Upgrades (which is atleast on my realm the best value for your daily CDs) from your 3rd profession building.

What to do?

DO your second profession daily CD
Unlearn second profesison
Learn profesison to match your 3rd small garison building
Learn WOD profession recipe from your 3rd garison building (costs 100g) and do the daily CDs (make sure to do both - 4 xtra daily crafting mats are nice but you are mainly after the recipe books which you will use to learn the recipe for crafting upgrades)

You always get 4 crafting mats + 1 recipe book for daily CDs from profession at 1-600.

Takes 10 days and 1K gold (talking about being able to actualy learn the recipe) to be able to craft the 670 upgrades.

Is it worth it? For my alts and with current prices on my realm Yes

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