Saturday, December 27

All Christmas Cushions & some gold

This year WoW "secondary" gift is one of colourful Cushion:

from Gently Shaken Gift. This gift is without level req. so even 1.lvl can open it. Best thing is, that there is not any limitation how many cushion you can loot on one account, so you can loot them all.

And because, they are not soulbound, you can sell them on AH. On my server it is about 200g/piece because ppl don´t know, that you can loot them on alts and add to your collection.

So plan is simple:
  1. Loot Gently Shaken Gift on all your alts
  2. Loot cushion from gift
  3. Sell on AH
  4. Profit??
1) + 2) can be done on new 1.lvl char so replace 3) with "Send to main" and you will have infinite amount of chances to loot color that you want and also profit until ppl will buy it on AH.

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