Sunday, December 28

How to choose which stat you get from savage feasts

So I just figured this out and decided that its worth sharing. Basically if you're like me then none of your gear is itemized correctly. This makes it so that I don't get 100 multistrike from a savage feast even though I need multistrike as an unholy death knight. This happens because I have more of the other stats (crit, vers, mastery, etc) then I do multistrike. You can easily fix this by unequipping certain pieces of gear in order to make multistrike your highest stat.

Your unholy dk is getting crit instead of multistrike. First chose one item that has higher multistrike then the other secondary stat (I use my truesteel belt which gives me +90 crit and +93 multistrike). Next unequip every other piece of gear and make a new set with just the belt on, then equip all of your armor and make another set. Now after every wipe you just switch to your set that only has the belt and eat from the feast, then switch back to your set with all of your armor.

Hope this helps people save some extra gold like it did me.

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