Tuesday, December 2

Blizzard, regardless of whatever plans you have for the final boss of the xpac. Please don't let us beta test it.

If anyone remembers raiding hardcore in Wrath, you should remember the absolute cluster fuck that was prepping for Lich King. This was a fight not one person outside of blizzard has seen until they had cleared sindy. This was a fight so difficult people based their progress on it by what phase they got to. Not for a couple of days but for weeks to months of "we can't beat P3 of LK H 25 yet. Still working"

This was the fight so difficult that it prompted the 5-30% bonuses given during ICC to make sure people besides paragon could kill it on heroic.

Now I know this might seem premature but considering Highmaul is out tomorrow and every single fight already has multiple videos on it, I would like one last return blizzard to what Lich King was. A stupidly hard fight, that we didn't have mapped out before hand. It's the reason no one truly minded ICC for over a year until close to the very end. Unlike the people who stopped giving a shit about Garry after a couple of months.

Lich King FELT like an end of the xpac boss. His mechanics were not "kill this one add, dps this axe cuz it does AoE damage, stack and kill adds, spread out for a second, kill adds, dps harder"(srsly Garry's mechanics were a yawn fest design wise)

When we first best sindragosa, it was 1 am for my guild. Rather than going to bed like we planned we marched up to the frozen throne and vent was dead silent. 25 of us staring in awe at this room. Tirion Fordring with ash bringer staring up at the most iconic figure in Warcraft History. Arthas himself, stop his throne, Frostmourne in hand, and the charred mangled body of Bolvar to remind us of why we came to fight.

Not only did he visually stimulate you all fight but you truly felt like he lived up to his huge hype as The Lich King. This being of undominatable power who with a wave of his finger slaughtered us instantly.

This was a longer post than I intended but Blizzard, for the love of Warcraft please let whoever is our final Xpac boss feel like a final xpac boss. Don't have us go in knowing the fight inside out. I want to see it take Paragon 6 weeks to kill him. I want to see people struggle for 6 months to down this bitch. I want you to have to consider giving everyone percent buffs because guess what? That's how fucking awesome this boss should be.

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