Monday, December 1

[Horde only] Get to the BMAH / The Ring of Blood very fas

What you need is the following item: Aviana's Feather

1.) Leave your garrison through your back gate to a position, for example, like this

At this point you should be able to see Nagrand already as well as the Ring of Blood.

2.) Simply use your Feather. Now you should fly extremly fast in the direction of The Ring of Blood and BMAH.

Congratulations. You just saved a few minutes (it takes about 30 seconds or less) as well as you don't have to run through level 100 Mobs that potentionally can dismount/daze you if you don't have a stable.

Of course you can also fly to Nagrand extremly fast if you want to do something else. (Highmaul Raid for example next ID)

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