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Draenor Pet Battle Daily Trainers, Carry any lvl 1 pet!

this is a Guide based on a collaboration of posts from and I tested all of these strats and they work well bar the bad RNG factor.


Carry Pet
Darkmoon Tonk (1,2,2)
Tranquil Mechanical Yeti (1,1,2)

Vs Wolfus

start with carry pet and attack with whatever

switch to tonk

1. Minefield
2. Missle
3. Ion Cannon

vs Fangra

Tonk will most likely die at this point, if not try to minefield again

Bring in the yeti

1. Call Lightning should kill combined with mines.

vs Wolfgar

1. Metal Fist, possible twice to get in range of Cannon
2. Ion Cannon should finish it

Cyrme Brightblade

Anubisath Idol (1,1,1)
Mechanical Dragonling (1,2,2)
Carry Pet

vs Idol of Decay

1. Deflection (unless he is around 200 hp, then he casts Dark Rebirth, so just crush, if once he has cast rebirth, prepare to Deflection) to block Rot
2. Sandstorm on CD
3. Crush as filler. Once he has dark rebirthed, just crush him until he is dead. If you kill him and proc his racial, Crush and then Deflection after he has used Dark rebirth.

vs Wishbright Lantern

1. Cast Deflection if it is up, else use sandstorm.
2. Cast sandstorm if up, else just start spamming crush until your idol or he is dead, keep sandstorm on CD
3. Once your idol dies, bring in your carry pet, then instantly switch to Mechanical dragonling

4. hopefully 1 to 3 breaths will kill him, save thunderbolt and decoy for the last guy

vs Gyrexle

1. Cast Decoy
2. cast thunderbolt
3. cast breath until you can thunderbolt him again(he might heal, just keep going)
4. Cast breath until he dies


Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling (1,1,2)
Random lvl 25 pet (or 2nd Carry Pet)
Carry Pet

Vs Pixiebell

1. Decoy
2. Breath x3-4

Vs Doodle

Swap to carry pet, then instantly back to Dragonling

1. Bombing Run (will hit Tally)

Vs Tally

1. Breath x2-3

Vs Doodle

1. Breath until dead


Carry Pet
Sprite Darter Hatchling or Nether Faerie Dragon (2,1,1)
Pandaren Fire Spirit (1,1,2)

Vs The Great Kaliri

attack with lvling pet, then switch directly to your Hatchling/Dragon

1. Moonfire
2. Arcane Blast
3. Arcane Blast

Vs Apexis Guardian

1. Evanescence
2. Moonfire

Switch to Panderan Fire Spirit

1. Immolate
2. Burn
3. Conflagrate
4. Burn (if Fire Spirit dies here just send out Hatchling/Dragon and kill it with arcane blast)

Vs Darkwing

There is a chance Fire Spirit can be alive still, just Immolate if that is the case, then he should die next round

Bring out the Hatchling/Dragon

1. Moonfire
2. Arcane Blast


Chrominius (2,2,2)
Nether Faerie Dragon or Sprite Darter Hatchling (2,1,1)
Carry Pet


vs Serendipity

1. Arcane Explosion, will get blocked
2. Arcane Explosion to break Cocoon
3. Ancient Blessing to heal up for the big hit
4. Arcane Explosion x2 for AoE damage
5. Pass so you don't break the cocoon
6. Ancient Blessing again to live longer
7. Surge of Power to finish off the moth

Chrominius will die to lightning storm, but thats fine, he soaked it for us.

swap to carry pet, then instantly switch to Nether Faerie Dragon

vs Grace

1. Moonfire to counter the lightning
2. Arcane Blast x1-2 (dragon buff its usually once)

vs Atonement

1. Arcane Blast (if you gain dragon buff again this one hurts)
2. Moonfire

Tarr the Terrible

Infected Squirrel (1,1,1)
Any lvl 25 pet with strong attacks against humanoid pet (?,?,?)
Carry Pet

I personally used Unborn Val'kyr or Ghostly Skull with their Number 1 attack

Vs Murkalot

Send out infected squirrel

1. Consume
2. Rabid strike, will hit Deathy

Vs Deathy

1. Consume

swap to carry pet to take the stun
Swap back to squirrel

1. Consume
2. Deseased Bite

Vs Murkalot

1. Deseased Bite
2. Consume
3. Rabid Strike

Vs Murkimus

1. Consume
2. Rabid Strike
3. Diseased Bite
The squirrel will most likely die here and proc his racial
4. Diseased Bite

Bring out the Random Pet
1. Strong Attack

Vs Murkalot

1. Strong Attack x1-2 for the kill

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