Thursday, December 11

Grisly Trophy farm spot for WoD (Darkmoon Faire) ~ Great for level 100s

I searched high and low for a good spot to farm these little buggers in WoD, and this is the best I could find. Hopefully you can get this done while the DMF is still active

In case you're not sure, the quest associated with the Grisly Trophy's is from the Darkmoon Faire, called Test Your Strength.

In 6.0.3 (I believe) they changed it so that mobs 10 levels lower would award XP, so the guys we kill are Podling Nibbers and their friends in the Gloomshade Grove area in Shadowmoon Valley. I found that killing these level 90-1s achieved the best rate for a level 100 toon. If you farm here, you should get your full 250 in about 20~ minutes.

-- Here is a SS of where to go:

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