Sunday, December 14

Farm level 90 250-300 xp per mobs [2 spots]

During boosting one of the orders i found 2 spots for grinding XP.

1.You need to be at the starting zone on this quest : The Battle of the Forge - Quest - World of Warcraft

Its best to met the mob in the middle of the spawn zone and the NPC.
The mobs is spawning one by one,as soon as you kill him an other will spawn,giving you a 250xp per kill(without rested)

2.I found it while i was doing this quest : Dark Enemies - Quest - World of Warcraft

There are 5 spawning zones, after you kill the mob it will respawn within 5 to 8 seconds.This mobs give 300 xp per kill(without rested)

You can either gather them all or kill them one by one.Its your choice.


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