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Guide to Highmaul Coliseum

The Highmaul Coliseum is an instanced, faction specific, free for all PvP zone unlocked by the Garrison level 3 Gladiator Sanctum. It is required to complete the following achievements:

In this guide I will walk through how to gain access to the Highmaul Coliseum and some tips on how to win.

Gaining Access

Firstly to being you will need at least a level 2 Garrison for a medium size plot and build a minimum of a level 1 Gladiator Sanctum on it. This will allow you to start collecting Broken Bones from PvP kills on Draenor only. You will need to collect 4000 Broken Bones in total to complete The Bone Collector unlocking the level 3 Gladiator Sanctum plans.

You will then need to upgrade your Gladiator Sanctum to level 3; blue prints can be purchased at your Garrison. When your level 3 Gladiator Sanctum is complete you will unlock the Call of the Gladiator quest which starts at the entrance of your Garrison. This will lead to a small chain picking up the Fight, Kill, Salute quest and unlocking an NPC allowing you to queue of the Highmaul Coliseum instance from your Garrison!

Dominating the Coliseum

Now if you are a PvP sensation you can probably skip this part, but if you’re like me and not a multi rank 1 gladiator hopefully these tips will come in useful. Since this is a guide I have skipped adding some of the multiple exploits that have been floating around. Here are some tips for a ‘legit’ victory in the Coliseum.

1. Pick your time to enter. At peak times the Coliseum will match up to 25 people. But at off peak times they will group only 10 people. Early morning or late at night is your best bet. In my case I won when only 8 of us were grouped. (I guess a couple declined the group)

2. Chose a strategy. Some people will try to form alliances, call for classes to be targeted first or just go all out crazy when it starts. I would strongly recommend avoiding any combat unless it completely necessary. Either side of the main gate there are two pillars these will offer some protection from one side and sticking to this spot should help you avoid the initial mayhem. Noggenfrogger Elixir is also popular to make yourself smaller and hopefully harder to detect.

3. Pick your battles. Regardless of your chosen strategy don’t be afraid to walkway from a fight and let someone else battle it out. Basically don’t make yourself a target! This is also why the waiting strategy is so effective because people blow all their cooldowns to either kill or survive in the first few minutes.

4. Don’t Buff until combat! Before the event starts there is a 3-4 minute waiting period allowing you to prepare for the battle and you will be grouped and friendly with everyone else in the instance. If you apply buffs such as Blessing of Kings or Power Word: Fortitude everyone in the group will also be buffed! I have even seen Warlocks drop Healthstones. Wait until combat starts before applying these buffs or you are just helping your opponents out.

5. Fight, Kill, Salute. Finally if you are just trying to complete this achievement, the easiest way would be to win the whole event that grants 100 kills. If that is not an option or achievable for you I have noticed that the kill counter is counting all players deaths that you ‘tag’ during the match. So just AoE and when they eventually drop you will be credited the kill!

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