Tuesday, December 2

Minor Exploit - "Got My Mind On My Draenor Money" a little faster

Ok, I ONLY am bringing this up because soooo many people are back at the Tournament grounds in IceCrown farming Champion Seals again because there are "toys" there that can only be purchased with them (Notably, the various faction banners). Since I see so many people doing tournament grounds again these days, there are 4 specific quests that reward something called a Campion's Purse. Each bag loots 10g. So, you do the quests in about 5 min, and you get 4 bags with 40g total.

The exploit is that if you wait until you are back on the Draenor continent to open them, these count as gold looted toward the titled achievement.

I know, it's really minor, but considering how slow the gold looting has been for that achievement, any bit helps and since people are already going to be doing these quests, here is just a small tip on how to maximize a bit. I would NOT go out of your way to do this if you had no plans to do the tournament quest chain. But, you will be getting an extra 280g p/week towards achievement.

Note: You do need to have done the pre-req tournament stuff to where all quests are available to get access to these.

Quest Givers here inside the main tournament building:

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