Friday, December 5

How to get into Tanaan Jungle and Phased WoD Leveling Zone

This is a guide to get into the Jungle and Leveling WoD Zone.

Mage or Druid for blink (Swap Blaster is useful for going with multiple people)
DC Macro and Big Mount (DC Macro can be found on Ownedcore if you look for it)

1.Go to this location and go under the bridge go to the invisible barrier and jump up it in the corner. ( You can swim from Ashran)

2.Once at the top under the bridge use the D/C Macro and a large mount and once you log back in jump up (as a mage use Alter Time and use Swap blaster with someone on the marker.

3. Blink past the invisible wall (and use swap blaster or 2 Seater mount)

3.5. For those that wanted to get back to the questing zone when you see this mine walk into it and you will get teleported (Useful if you wanna boost someone through the zone)

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