Sunday, December 7

MOP LFR/Scenario/HC scenario Queue with level 100 (for transmog/Achievement runs)

This guide is for level 100 characters that need transmog pieces from MOP raids (LFR colored version) or Achievements from MOP scenarios

So basicly in past expansions you weren't able to Q for old content LFR when you passed the level requirement.
This expansion they added NPC's in the Seat of Knowledge, which offer you LFR & Scenario queue for MOP content.

The NPC names are
Lorewalker Han
Lorewalker Shin
Lorewalker Fu

Talk to them to queue for a specific lfr/scenario

Maybe this also has some potential for some quick gold farming or powerleveling lowlevels with a level 100 char, since you oneshot nearly everything in scenarios
I haven't had time yet to investigate this further.

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