Monday, December 8

Minor bug to increase DPS

I was in Highmaul last night when it occurred to me that I hadn't ever used my Barov Lumberjack Caller ( Barov Lumberjack Caller - Item - World of Warcraft), so I used it and out came the Peons and Lumberjacks to help. The raid encounter was starting in any moment so I threw on my original trinket asap and I noticed that the Lumberjacks and Peons do NOT despawn and that they continue to remain around you even after taking off the trinket which summoned them. This is possibly exploitable for a minor (1k or more?) dps increase.

It's not much but it is something, and I can honestly say I found it!! yay!

How to get it: build a Lumber Mill and go harvesting lumber until you find a Fallen Tree. When you harvest this fallen tree you find a Barov under it (Weldon Barov for alliance and probably Alexi for horde), on rescuing him he offers a quest to become a follower. Returning to your garrison will find him at your lumber mill with another quest to find his brother and take his head (Reduction in Force), this rewards the trinket.

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