Monday, December 22

Hunter Mastery Buff Increase

This works for lvl 90 , it may work as other low lvl brackets like 80, 70.. ect

As a Hunter go grab any cat as a pet for the mastery buff, and note what your max % is

Join LFG for battleground and dungeon.. at the same time wait till battleground pops and enter.. if the dungeon pops first leave q and then reapply..

In the battleground you will notice your mastery buff has been scaled up.. mine gets to 18%

edit: upon further testing.. my mastery buff was not scaled up in Battleground but when ported out still scaled upto 18%

Play as normal but try make sure your pet is alive and out by the time you finish..

When you get ported out have a look at your buff and it should still be the same as when you were in the battleground

edit: also make sure your are unmounted as you get ported out
Just wait dungeon to pop and have fun with your scaled up mastery buff..

My mastery buff should be 6% without pet and 9% with.

Link to Full size

May need further testing, but I'm pretty sure it's due to this..

As you can see I have the buff in the dungeon

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