Sunday, December 21

Spot - 15k gold/hr - 665 BoE's - 500x Sumptuous Fur - Alliance + Horde versions

Hey there guys! So today im gonna show you two different spots, one close to the horde garrison and one close to the alliance garrison.


These spots allow you to get:
Green, Rare and Epic BoEs
Sumptuous Fur (Exclusive to the horde one)
Various greys averaging 600-800g/hour vendor price
Tons of raw beast from skinning
The 4x Trading Spot lvl 2 "Super Cooling" items which sell for anything from 1k-4k (cannot be obtained after level 2 and cannot be obtained after turning in the quest at level 2)

Why not just farm the horde one because it gives Sumptuous Fur aswell?

There's only one real reason for this, farming the horde spot averages a quite abit lower kill count per hour which results in less skinning and less chance of the "Super Cooling" items and BoE drops.
I myself prefer the horde spot because im lazy and my class just is better on AoEing 2x spots than multidotting spawns across a whole beach but if you're a mage/shadowpriest/boomie or any other class with multidotting abilities then i'd say go for the Beach spot!

NOTE: The alliance spot might have slow respawns for you, for the crawlers to spawn faster you need to kill the crawlers across the whole beach.

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