Wednesday, December 10

Take Hearthstone without Cooldown (Ashran Exploit)

#1 Run into Ashran and get queued up for it
#2 Get ported out
#3 Run into Ashran while queued again wait for the Message: You are queued for Ashran ... right Click the Icon on your Minimap -> Leave Queue at this moment
#4 Get ported out to your Hearthstone Location

This also works even if you have Hearthstone Cooldown.  I know it's not much but sometimes it would save some Minutes of time. I've mine at Riverside to get as fast as i can to Highmaul Arena/Raid :>

If you try to delete your Hearthstone to see what actually will happen the answer for this is: it will you port still to your Hearthstoned Innkeeper

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