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How to gear for a new PvP Season.


When a new PvP season starts you may be at a loss for what is the best stat priority or which piece of honor gear is BiS for your character (this is one of the most frequently asked questions I receive from my friends). Some people will look on third party websites like Noxxic for the answer, only to be left more confused because your character's class does not perform as well as other people playing the same class. You have to look no further then World of Warcraft's default website.

After about a week, the ladders on are populated by some of the highest rated players of each class and you can easily look up exactly which gear, talents, and glyphs you should be using. Granted their specs could change depending on which team comp they are queuing against in arena or RBGs, but the information is still the most accurate source for how you should have your character setup.

In my example I will be looking up which gear I should be using for my Resto Druid.

Step 1: Head on over to and click the "Community" tab.

Step 2: Once you are on the community tab, scroll down a bit until you see "Leaderboards", look for"Player vs. Player" once you are there you will have to choose which bracket you are aiming to compete in with your character. If you are planning to focus on Rated battlegrounds click on"Battlegrounds", if you are planning to be more Arena oriented you will want to click on Arena 3v3. These two ladders will show the most relevant information. In this example we will be clicking on"Arena 3v3", so go ahead and click "Arena 3v3".

Step 3: Now that we are on the "Arena 3v3", you will see the ladder arranged according to the highest rated player
(a lot of people believe that this view of the ladder is a good representation for what is currently the best classes to play, when in actuality the players who are listed by rating will get a high rating every season despite their classes current state.)
We will want to filter the ladder to show information about your class and spec, to do this click the"Filter by talent spec" option and it will pull up options to choose your character's class and spec. Once you choose your character's class and spec go ahead and press the "Filter" button located below the given options.

In this example I am clicking the Restoration check box located under the Druid class (if you click Druid it will select all specs, you will only want one spec.).

Step 4: Now that the ladder is arranged to show the highest rated player of the selected class and spec you can see everyone of the top rated players character configurations. When I am trying to find out if a piece is BiS, I check multiple armorys from the various players to make sure that it is the right piece. Sometimes a high rated player will purposely equip the incorrect gear before they log out so someone wont be able to copy their build, it is best to look at a couple other player's armorys to make sure you are not being misguided.

Step 5: Now when you select a character's armory to look at, make sure you click the "Advanced"option located at the top right hand corner of the character's armory. It will give you a bit more information like the enchants they are currently using. Most people I know will find a player they really like and copy their gear exactly, but you should also research multiple armories and try to find out something better for your spec.

Good luck in PvP guys and thank you for reading!

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