Tuesday, December 9

Instant Queue for Ashran

This method will get you accepted into ashran instantly. Run in and don't press accept until your on the bridge and then press accept.

After playing around with this, I have figured out what really is going on. The bridge itself is a 'timing mechanism'. It actually has nothing to do with getting the instant queue or not.

Once you zone into Ashran, and the Zone Text shows up in the middle of your screen, you have 22~ seconds until you will get ported out. The queue takes approximately 21 seconds to pop. It's all about timing. What seems to be the trick is actually simply clicking "Accept" on the popup, asking if you would like to join battle, just before you are about to get ported out.

So, method:

Open up the in-game stopwatch, or some mechanism you'll use to track time e.g. phone. Run into Ashran, as soon as the Zone Text shows on your screen, start the timer. Double check that for you it is 22~ seconds before you get ported out. If it is, then there is your timer.
Run out, make sure you're NOT queued, run in, as soon as the Zone Text comes up, start your timer. This time, click Accept at 21~ seconds, so JUST before you're about to be ported out.

I tested this numerous times, on multiple characters (though not on multiple servers), and had a friend do it as well.

As I said, please don't scream repost, as the method is different, and I have gone to a great deal of effort to figure out exactly what was going on with that damnable bridge. Still, once again, credit and thanks to Emeraldqt for discovering it in the first place.

EDIT: I'm not sure if it a) puts you at the front of the queue or b) forces a spot open for you. If I had to guess, I would say the front.
I done this, and left it for a few seconds while I alt tabbed, etc, and had it pop for me after waiting a little bit. Obviously, it could be coincidence (but I doubt it, as others that were there before me were still waiting). TLDR~ Don't always drop queue instantly and retry if it doesn't seem to be working, even though you swear you're getting the timing perfect. Give it a little bit, it might pop for you.

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