Tuesday, December 9

Visual bug, red screen.

  • Step 1. Have a level 3 Lumbermill.
  • Step 2. Obtain the Follower Phylarch The Evergreen
  • Step 3. Complete his quest Subversive Infestation in your Garrison

This will reward you with the item Everbloom Seed Pouch . This item normally transforms you into some kind of plant creature, with multiple abilities. However, the actual Cast of the item turns the world around you bright red. I don't believe this is intended, because you can make a simple macro like this.

/Use Everbloom Seed Pouch

The results? You turn the world around you red, and can spam it at your own free will. It looks like somebody is playing with some strobe lights. You can also press the macro, and let it proceed to turn fully red, like so. 

This visual bug appears for anybody around you. The reactions from the people nearby can be pretty entertaining.

This is my first post on Ownedcore. I searched for this already, to make sure it's not a repost, but if I managed to miss it, please let me know.

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