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The Trading Post Shuffle: How to turn your alt's garrisons into gold

Disclaimer: This isn't a quick 100k over night guide. It requires patience. It takes time to set up and there's only so much gold you can earn daily through this.However the more work you put into it the more gold you'll get daily. It's all dependent on how many of your alts you get to draneor to unlock their level 2 garrisons - possibly farther than that to unlock all level 2 buildings. That's up to you. But once you set up it's been some of the easiest/laziest gold you'll ever make.

With that being said - Here's the guide.

As many of you know, Blizzard really changes thing around this expansion in regards to professions. Everything is wrapped around daily cool downs and work orders. They killed shuffling in the way that we know it. You can't prospect the new ore, nor are there any recipes that turn one basic crafting material into another. You can't turn green gems you got through prospecting into rings into dust anymore for example. But there is one glimer of hope, the medium sized building - the trading post.

That trading post is a medium plot building that allows you to turn basic materials (such as ore, herbs, dust) into garrison resources through work orders. Each day you will be allowed to trade in a certain 5 basic materials (As of today it's Talador Orchid) into 30 garrison resources per work order. Every day it changes, so tomorrow it could be Draneic Dust or Fire weed or whatever. Also Every day a random trader will visit the trading post and allow to to exchange garrison resources for basic materials. The prices of these materials change depending on the vendor. One guy might sell Ore for 50 garrison resources for 5 and herbs for 20 garrison resources for 5.

The name of the game is to get as many of your 90 far enough through the first questing zone to unlock the level 2 garrison, which will allow you to unlock a medium plot building. Once you get good at it, it only really takes about an hour and a half to two hours per character- My rogue got it done in about an hour because BoS is OP. Leveling a character past that and hitting talador to unlock all level 2 garrison buildings might be worth your while as well - it will increase your profits daily, however that's up to you.

Once you do that, you wait. No seriously you wait. You have to keep a good eye out for the best deals. Basically you want to load up your work orders when the basic material is stupid cheap - Like ores or certain herbs. Then you stock the resources you get from them until a trader with a good deal comes to your garrison. (They are always located inside the trading post building.) So you would want to spend your garrison resources when the trader has meats for 20 resources for 5 or 20resourcs for 5 dust. So basically, you would be trading 5 blackrock ore (1g) to 5 Raw Boar's meat (50g+)

Then you can either sell the raw materials you get or shuffle them even further for bigger profits. You can turn the meat into potions to sell on raid night using the alchemy building or turn the dust into temporal crystals to make enchants. This is why the gold you make daily is dependent on your alts. You can't really do this on your main due to follower missions/upgrading. The more alts you have with good professions really boost the amount of gold you make daily.

I'm currently sitting on 4 alts all at 94 with the level 2 building s unlocked, and I've brought in a good 150k since launch. Once you get the swing of it and get it all set up, it only takes 20-30 minutes daily to keep up with it. That's it, hope you enjoy.

EDIT: Link to wowhead's guide on the trading post if your still unsure on what the trading post does.

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