Thursday, January 15

[2xRogue] Ashran Fragment/Honor/Rep Exploit

This post made me realize a new trick. If you and a friend are both rogues and both have the Handbook of Pickpocketing on.

Both of you go to the enemy's side of the map so that you receive the Fortune Favors the Bold buff, which increases your Fragment Earnings by 100% (tooltip is outdated; says 25%). This buff makes you receive 10 Fragments per pickpocket, instead of 5, but does not actually steal 5 fragments from the enemy, which *creates* 5 fragments per pickpocket.

You basically just begin a duel and stand next to each other in stealth and pickpocket each other constantly. The reason this is an exploit is that it creates fragments.


RogueA and RogueB: RogueA begins with 5 Fragments, and RogueB begins with 0.

Both stealth.
RogueB pickpockets RogueA and now has 10 Fragments, while RogueA now has 0.
RogueA pickpockets RogueB and now has 10 Fragments, while RogueB has 5.
RogueB pickpockets RogueA and now has 15 Fragments, while RogueA has 5.

Doing this will "create" 5 * 2 = 10 Fragments per 10 seconds, or 1 fragment per second, split between both Rogues. This means that each Rogue will earn 30 Fragments per minute -- the equivalent of 90 Honor and 150 Reputation. This creates 5,400 Honor and 9,000 Reputation every hour for each of you..

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