Thursday, January 15

Highmaul - Brackenspore - Infesting Spores a little bit easier

Most of the following should be considered common sense among raiders, but I will post it nevertheless

Brackenspore casts regularly Infesting Spores, placing a stacking debuff on the entire raid. This debuff stacks up to 10 every second dealing an increasing amount of damage to every player.

Common tactic uses healing shrooms to counter the damage while also utilizing raid and personal cooldowns. But several classes have abilities that enable them to drop the stacks completely.

Priest - Spectral *****
Hunter - Feign Death / Deterrence (this will not immediately reset your stacks, you have to wait for the debuff to run out)
Mage - Greater Invisibility / Ice Block
Rogue - Cloak of Shadows / Vanish (Feint can be used to reduce remaining damage)
Paladin - Bubble (Hand of Purity reduces damage by 80%, might be most useful on tanks with high stacks)
DK - AMS (this will not immediately reset your stacks, you have to wait for the debuff to run out, will also generate runic power)

To get the highest damage reduction you should use the abilities at about 5 stacks. Deterrence and AMS let you drop the stacks by preventing any further stacks of being applied.

Theory...not tested yet, but it might be possible that Shadowmeld and some items may work, as long as you are able to drop combat with those. But this needs further clarification.

There are still enough things that can kill you, like waves and explosions. But this will maybe make it little bit easier for you healers. It is still strongly adviced to utilise beneficial shrooms.

 Have fun

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