Monday, January 5

Collect rewards from failed follower missions!

As the title says, you'll be able to collect the rewards from failed follower missions that would have otherwise been lost in battle. It's quite simple really, though it should be noted this is all about timing so you will not get every rewards depending on your motor skillz.

  1. Go to your table in your garrison after you have missions complete.
  2. After hitting view completed missions, in that time after the mission report pops up, and before the animation saying if it has fail or not, exit the table.
  3. Give it a couple seconds...
  4. Open your table and start clicking where the chest would be...
  5. Poof, failed mission, collected rewards.

Remember this is not 100% and is all based on timing, im not sure what exactly triggers it, so if you try this please post your findings and anything noted while trying. This would be huge for follower spammers if we got this down to 100%

Oh yea, here is some screens you might want to see.

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