Tuesday, January 6

Quicker Invasion for Following Week

I just discovered that if you get say 2 invasions in 1 week, you should save the second one.
Now before weekly reset, make sure you are in your garrison and DO NOT LEAVE. Accept the quest for whatever invasion you have, but DO NOT TALK to whomever it is that starts it. Wait for daily reset (for the week) to pass, give it an additional 5mins or so. Now get anyone you might be getting for invasion, and talk to the guy to start it, you can do the invasion and still get the bags (the eligibility for one resets at reset time for the week).

There is one thing, if you leave your Garrison for too long, the quest will be flagged as failed and you will lose it. If you do not start the quest to where you have to talk to the guy, the invasion quest will vanish when the week resets.

I am not sure how useful this is to people, to me it just means that I can get the invasion out of the way quicker in the week (As I'm already doing dailies anyway, and usually always trigger a second invasion in a week).

Apologies that it is not testable by other players until next week for obvious reasons, but I only just discovered this myself.

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