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Do an extensive check on a gold selling website.

Help yourself from being scammed.
This is mainly for gold selling websites / power-leveling and the likes.
It's not limited to WoW, but I will be focusing on mainly WoW.

I'm going to go ahead, like last time and use an example. I'll use FreshLeveling for this review (The Best Game Currency and Item Service).
I found their website on a popular trading forum not affiliated with OwnedCore (it's censored, but there's 2 prominent trading forums that aren't affiliated with OwnedCore. I'm sure you'll figure it out). I'll follow up on that a bit later.

Part 1 - initial look
At the time of this review, their logo looks like it still follows the holiday season (green and red). Either they're into the colours of a dead frog, or they simply haven't updated their website.
They offer customer satisfaction, and have live chat. 7x24 online. Typically it's 24x7 but we can let that pass.
Their Contact Us offers AIM, Skype and e-mail. Their e-mail is hotmail. It is a bit odd for a company to have a hotmail as their main email contact.
Their design follows a fairly standard template among such websites. It's similar to IGXE, and almost identical to aside from some colours.
Does their website have any spelling mistakes? My quick look says no. However under their "introduction" side bit, some text is cut off while viewing in google chrome, specifically the line "Thank you for your support.freshleveling "
Any awards? They have a registered store logo in their footer, links to their website. Not sure where that came from.

Part 2 - investigation
A few websites are in my arsenal.
One would be MMOBux there's no review or listing there for this example. However it is handy.
Lets look on OwnedCore, they're contributors, have a premium seller badge, and some feedback. 89% positive, 11% negative. 17/2. Status is "Not good trader". Not a bad sign, but you may be unsatisfied.Link - their thread.
Their feedback thread in gold seller reviews.
They're also on the above trading forum, Simply find them their, check their feedback. And do a search on that website. Their feedback over there is 100% positive with 219 trades done.

Part 3 - doing some digging
Their website contact us has no address or phone number. Still displays hotmail email. How odd.
WHOIS lookup. If it's hidden, it's generally a bad sign. See WHOIS, DNS, & Domain Info - DomainTools
WHOIS server is Never heard of that place but it may be a conglomerate of some sort.
Looks like their company is a registered LLC judging by the administrator contact name. An address in Beijing - an actual address is a good sign.
They seem to be offering 2 partial addresses. One in Beijing and one in California. Very strange.
Phone number too, looks like it will work.

Part 4 - finishing up
Sign-up has no SSL, so any information you submit is insecure.
Powerleveling buying also has no SSL, they ask for your game account login and password via a form with no SSL.

I tried to make this neutral. But from the above I'd personally go to one of my usual gold shops. Their reviews here are mixed. Reviews on ******* are not mixed, they're positive.
But as someone who works in the web hosting industry, no SSL and no definitive contact as well as a hotmail email for support gives me a bad gut feeling. I certainly do not trust their website.

Some additional websites you can look at for general site reviews:
TrustLink -
McAfee SiteAdvisor - McAfee SiteAdvisor Software ? Website Safety Ratings and Secure Search
Complaints board - Complaints Board - Consumer Complaints, Reviews, Information
Ripoff report (down at time of writing) - Ripoff Report | Scams, reviews, complaints, lawsuits and frauds. File a report, post your review. Consumers educating consumers.
And finally, a good Google can help.

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