Friday, January 23

WhisperInvite addon in Ashran - full raid, effective leeching

So I wanted to leech some broken bones and race kills for my Glads sanctum with my Rogue in Ashran but most ppl just win once and leave. The raid leaders do not usually take care of the raid that much, keeping offline members or are slow at inviting ppl. Which results in the raid growing smaller and ineffective.

So I checked the WhisperInvite addon that allows you to set up phrases which when whispered to you will trigger an invite to your raid. But in Ashran everybody is posting to Trade.

To enable WhisperInvite to check the trade channel just create this macro:

/wi on /run LibStub("AceAddon-3.0"):GetAddon("WhisperInviteAdvanced") = true

Which will start WhisperInvite and enable Trade channel scanning. To turn it off you just use /wi off

By using this addon I am able to stay in stealth near the enemy base and keep my raid full at all times allowing me to leech broken bones and race kills effectively while watching a movie etc. Combined whith a random press-space-every-twominutes-afk macro you can leech all day long.

If you're not a rogue with stealth just use Aviana's feather and get on top of the enemy's base.

If you manage to start your own raid group or when you have assist try to sort ppl by their Glads Sanctum quest to maximize the kills you are getting.

Enjoy the weekend guys!

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