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Farm Heavy Junkbox, Arcane Crystal, and Golden Pearl same Cell (ROGUE)

Most of ya have been to the old zone Swamp of Sorrows (52-54).
It's just north of Blasted Lands, which is the beginning area for boosters and characters entering Draenor.

Directly south of the Temple of Atal'Hakkar, there is a cave entrance containing a zone labeledStagalbog Cave.
The rough coordinates for this cave are: 66,75.

Stagalbog Cave is the largest such cave in Swamp of Sorrows. It compares to the caves scattered through lvl 60-70 Nagrand in Outlands in terms of size.

The mobs inside the cave fall into the range to yield the item "Heavy Junkbox", which is the principal Ravenholdt Reputation item required for characters going for the Feat of Strength achievement "INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE".

Any rogue able to pickpocket and sap mobs that fall between 52-56 should be fine in this cave.

There is one named quest NPC inside, so people do come in, but mostly just other miners.

There are about 6-10 different ore spawn points inside Stagalbog Cave as well.
Most of them are Rich Thorium veins, which have the greatest chance to yield pre-expansion gems including the coveted Arcane Crystal.

The others spawn as Small Thorium and sometimes Truesilver Ore.

In addition to these two resources, the mobs in the cave drop Golden Pearl (required for old spellpower enchant and crafting).
They also drop some Runecloth.

This place is bottable/farmable with any Vanilla account and up.


TL;DR version:

take a rogue above lvl 52 to Stagalbog cave in Swamp of Sorrows.
pickpocket the mobs at location 66,75 and harvest Thorium ore nodes.
kill mobs to reset pickpocket and to have a chance for looting golden Pearl.

enjoy the easy Heavy Junkbox, that can be sold via forums to players going for rare achieves.

Thanks for reading and happy questing.

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