Friday, January 9

Insane attack power for tanks

Since Wod some old low-level items have been reconfigured and are producing excessive amounts of bonus armor, a stat which increases the attack power of tanking classes on a 1 for 1 basis.

A set can be accumulated of low-level items with bonus armour which can allow you to totally dominate pvp below max level. Some examples of the type of damage you can do:

 (DK Does 8 Times as much damage as anyone else in AV, and 5 times as many kills)

Here is a list of items with bonus armour:
Armor - Items - World of Warcraft

However its not how much bonus armour the item has that matters but how well that scales up. For example, the violet signet has 51 bonus armour but scales to 295 in 90-99 bg's.

Additionally many of the items in the list are very difficult to obtain for various reasons. In this video below I show you the easiest items to pick up and exactly how to get them.

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