Friday, January 9

World of Warcraft Movie Set to Blast Off with “Impressive Special Effects”

The idea of a World of Warcraft movie came up a few times in years past, but thus far no one has been able to work things out. For those who have always considered such a movie a must-see, the wait may soon be over though. Someone apparently finally managed to get the idea behind the film right, and this time Blizzard is fully behind the initiative as well.

Movie director Duncan Jones talked up the virtues of the movie quite a bit in an interview granted to gaming portal a couple of days ago. According to Jones, the movie will be “fresh” even to those who know the WOW universe inside out and its special effects will be nothing short of stunning, after all, there’s a world-class team on them, with experience in Life of Pi, as well as The Avengers and Star Wars. The plot of the movie isn’t a simplistic “good Humans vs evil Orcs” take either. According to Jones, the film will be focused upon the time of the first contact between the two species, in order to make the story understandable and enjoyable even to those who know nothing about the game world/lore/canon. On both sides of the race-divide, there will be protagonists fighting to avert conflict, while the villains will try to bring it about by all means. The villains will come from the ranks of the Orcs as well as the Humans.

The movie, starring Dominic Cooper, Travis Fimmel and Paula Patton, will be released on March 11, 2015.

The bottom line: from the information made available thus far, it is clear that we’re dealing with a more than decent effort on the part of the producers to steer clear of corny movie clichés, while delivering a special-effect-laden, captivating story, which is meant to satisfy WOW fans while potentially introducing new fans to the game-world. The intentions are obviously great…all we need now is for the delivery to live up to the lofty expectations too…

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