Friday, January 9

Fast leveling in Blackfathom Deeps lv20 to lv30.

I found an interesing bug in Blackfathom Deeps. - Required levels (info from wowhead) is lv15 to enter dungeon, or lv 20 with dungeon finder tool.

Queued via dungeonfinder but we left alive boss Guardian of the Deep so i decided with my disc priest to kill him for bonus objective XP.
You can find him in The Forgotten Pool - cave entrance is in water under bridge before last 2 bosses.

So the important part starts here, beacause when i started to kill the boss, he used ability: Spore Cloud (Fires egg sacs at random enemy destinations that inflict 125 Physical damage on impact and births a brood of Guardian Hatchlings),this ability summons 2 little adds with low HP, i killed them with one Holy Nova and they gave me 2x 3Kxp with BoA leveling gear on lv 25, and 2x 2.2Kxp on lv 30.
When boss has low HP, you just swim back to enrance of cave and the boss ll reset coming back with full HP to his original spot, so you can repeat to use this method to level up fast if you can solo this boss or have anyone to help, maybe with group.

I just made 5 levels with this method from lv25 to lv30 about in 10-15 mins.

Good luck, and have fun using this little xp boost, i hope it was understandable, sorry english isnt my native language.

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