Friday, January 9

Get from 98 to 100 really fast!

What you need:

You will need help from a level 100, preferably a boomkin or any class that can pull alot of mobs(starfall).

You need the Telaari Siege Engine(Wor'var Demolisher for Horde) from your outpost building in Nagrand.

It is preferable that your partner has the in-combat mount for faster aoe pulling.

Where and how:

Your moonkin friend will be running around in starfall pulling all the talbuks and beasts around the area not far from ring of trials(the quest giver), you will be in your siege engine spamming flame vent's or whatever, oneshotting all the mobs. Creating an effective route where you get big pulls & instakilling them non stop shouldn't take you long.

You will then proceed to loot these said beasts, farming them for Hearty Soup Bones, i've gotten up to 40 bones from a single pull, whenever you have about 1000 or so bones, you are going to hand them in to Meatgut. 20x bones will net you 7,500 xp, or 9050 xp if you have the 20% experience potion. The experience you get from constantly oneshotting beasts is also good, they drop alot of different types of meat which sells good on the Auction House, and if you have skinning you can make a fortune out of it aswell.

Meatgut's quest
Meatgut Needs Bones - Quest - World of Warcraft

Bones & all beasts who drop em

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