Saturday, January 10

Leech Daily Ashran Win.

So, i stumpled upon something pretty nice if you just want the Ashran win without waiting.
So basically, if you walk into ashran without having an invite you get teleported out after roughly 20 seconds.
However, you can "reset" the 20 seconds if you invite someone to a group whos ignoring you. so heres a quick example:

Person A (ignorer)
Person B (win-leecher)

Person A ignores Person B
Person B invites Person A every 10 ish seconds (just make a macro)

by inviting Person A, the 20 seconds "port-out-timer" gets reset with every new invite.

Have fun  hope that helps !

Edit: You can NOT ignore friends by simply typing /ignore xxx
To ignore friends you have to open the Ignore-tab and type in their names there. this way it'll work.

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