Sunday, January 18

Make money off of the fast-dropping value of Alchemical Catalysts

I want to share with you a way to make a little bit of gold off of the current value of Alchemical Catalyst. (Alchemical Catalyst - Item - World of Warcraft)

Currently, Alchemical Catalysts aren't used for a lot. Just for the creation of a limited amount of flasks. However, you can also make Draenic Philosopher's Stone with it. This currently has a vendor value of 25g, 31s and 47c. (Draenic Philosopher's Stone - Spell - World of Warcraft)

Total crafting requirements for the Stone:
- 5 Alchemical Catalyst
- 1 Truesilver Ore

Truesilver Ore is insanely cheap right now. I'd be amazed if it's worth more than 1g on your server currently. Considering that cost, the value of 5 Catalysts, to the vendor, will always be at least 24g/5 = 4,8g (per catalyst).

So go out there and check on your Auction Houses! As long as the Catalysts are below 4,8g, they'll vendorflip into a profit. Sometimes they go as low as 2g, sometimes they go higher than 4,8g. It depends on the day.

I'm active on multiple servers doing this "trick", and have found that between 03:00 and 09:00, most people dump this on the AH for -very- low prices.

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