Thursday, February 26

Barrel of bandanas, new ROGUE toy (aquiring it fast)

So in 6.1 they implemented a new toy for Rogues that gives masks to all party members. It costs 10k Dingy coins.
Barrel of Bandanas - Item - World of Warcraft

But the vendor also sells things like for an example: Sinister "Rouge" Mask, which is RED like the old defias mask that's not transmoggable, but now you can. This one costs 5k dingy coins.
(You get dingy coins by pickpocketing humanoids in WOD content)

So i don't know if we can call it an exploit, but here's a super quick way to aquiring it!

Firstly make this macro:
#showtooltip Pick Pocket
/cast Pick Pocket

make sure you have the pick pocket glyph which increases the range by 5 yards.

Go into your interface -> controls and tick off Auto-Loot.

Go to Tomb of light in talador, there are portals here spawning adds that you can pickpocket every 2-5 seconds.

So here's the trick! You have to download an auto-clicker , OR if you have a logitech / razer mouse, just macro the right click on the mouse to be autoclicking. Put some weight on it and put the cursor over the macro. That way it auto pushes the pickpocket macro and you'll get dingy coins fast as hell. 50minutes farming gave me 5016 as seen in the pic.

If it's not an exploit, sorry! But hopefully it's helpful for someone!

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