Friday, February 27

Burning Crusade Gems

Before 6.1 the following uncut epic gems below sold to vendor for 5 g.

Even before 6.1 I was sniping these gems on auction house for under 6 gold and cutting them for 6 gold each to vendor with the recipes from the vendors listed below. The cut gem sell price of 6 gold has not been altered with 6.1.

After the application of 6.1 this week these gems dropped to 20 silver vendor price and with the new pets dropping out of Black Temple, Hyjal, and Sunwell these gems are going to increase in quantity on most servers and lower in price. This leaves a huge opportunity to seize the gems under the cut gem vendor price of 6 gold and gain profit.

While this is not game breaking gold it's better than most when it comes to buying items off auction house to resell to vendor. I recommend buying gems then cutting them while you're AFK. Have made around 3000 gold just AFK since 6.1 released so hope it helps out. 

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