Friday, February 6

Blackrock Foundry Exploration/legendary quest

Finally i can contribute some exploration again, and this time it's in Blackrock foundry and with this exploit you can explore EVRYTHING in Blackrock Foundry besides Black Hand i think but u can go to him with an another exploit that also involves shadowstep but it's hard to execute again this only works as rogue and u have to skill shadowstep but now Let's get to the exploit!

So Blizzard has badly placed an enemy and when u shadowstep him u fall straight through the floor and with the Engineering Glider u can explore the whole raid u can also complete 1legendary quest at the Iron Maidens. I have made 2 Videos about this exploit to show some stuff i found but I am sure there is more stuff to find sadly i could't find a way to get to Blackhand with this exploit but like i said there another way to get to him but it's so luck dependent and i still could't execute it so That's it

Videos Part 1


Part 2


Note: I've already posted this in the exploration section but i thought this belongs here too because you can complete a part of the legendary quest

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