Friday, February 6

What does health potions really look like.

The creator Spent about an hour on the simpler ones - two hours on the more complex ones. 

He is getting back into the 3d scene so he was having to relearn a lot of stuff so it was more practice than anything. 

With two transparencies inside each other though the render times were what was the longest part - probably 30-45 minutes of just waiting or doing other stuff and periodically checking back in on them.

Minor Healing Potion

No level requirement

Lesser Healing Potion

Level 3 requirement

Healing Potion

Level 12 requirement

Greater Healing Potion

Level 21 requirement

Superior Healing Potion

Level 35 requirement

Major Healing Potion

Level 45 requirement

Super Healing Potion

Level 55 requirement

Resurgent Healing Potion

Level 65 requirement

Crystal Healing Potion

Level 55 requirement - this one isn't crafted, instead it's sold in Blade's Edge Mountains. It just looked fun and challenging so I gave it a shot.

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