Saturday, February 7

Access lvl 3 Bodyguard Perks Early

When you have a bodyguard with you, pull a group of mobs. Spam right click the bodyguard in melee range while in combat and their lvl 3 ability will come up.

I'm currently leveling my lvl 1 bodyguard Talonpriest Ishaal whose lvl 3 perk is the mailbox. While pulling groups of trash I just spam right click him and it skips all dialogue, opening the mailbox window. Can't send mail while in combat, but just keep the window open until you drop combat.

I'll test more bodyguards as I level them later today.

Name:, Level 3 perk:
Aeda Brightdawn, Summon a party/raid member
Defender Illona, Summon a party/raid member
Delvar Ironfist, Portal to garrison
Leorajh, Portable command table
Talonpriest Ishaal, Portable mailbox
Tormmok, Repairs anywhere
Vivianne, Portal to garrison

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