Saturday, February 7

Make Mad Gold With Gatherit Profiles

Let's face it, there are things in WoW that we all hate doing. Repetative tasks like fishing, dailies, gathering herbs and ore, skinning and the list could go on and on.  You get the point.

Most of you know about Honorbuddy and quite frankly you prbably use it!  Statistics show that roughly 75% of WoW players use Honorbuddy for the reasons listed above.

It's important to use profiles that are quality, and work well for your needs.  That is why I recommend Gatherit Profiles.

 Gatherit not only has quality profiles, but has been making profiles for over 5 years now and his reputation is among the best in the community because of the integrity of his products.

Not only this, but his support is by far the best you can get when it comes to Honorbuddy Profiles and troubleshooting.

Need more than this?  Stop over and see his free honorbuddy profiles or check out his tips and tricks of how to become a more successful botter in WoW.

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