Saturday, February 7

Easy Fishing Extravaganza Timesaver

High-pop pve realms take about 15 minutes to catch 40 fish with no competition; compared to the extra tactics and time required to win on a low-pop pvp realm, usually taking 20 minutes. No more fighting and bobber blocking:

1. Fish on a high population PvE server. There will be many other fishers, but I found that fishing in the northwest corner was least crowded. Pools spawn all around you as they are fished out by everyone everywhere else. You barely have to move.

2. Once you have 40 fish, have a friend invite you to a PvP server, where the contest takes much longer.

3. Turn in your fish.

I play on a pvp server and had a friend invite me to fish on their mega pve server. I caught 40 fish there that I could have turned in for 2nd place, but instead dropped back to my server for first place. Beat 2nd there by 6 minutes.

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