Wednesday, February 4

Eficient and 100% afk Lovely Charm Farm

Just found an interesting way of farming Lovely Charms, those needed for the World Event. I did it as a hunter, but I think it will work for any class that can keep a permanent pet.

  1. First, head to the Heroic version of Scarlet Monastery. 
  2. Clear all the trash before the first boss, but keep all the Piles of Corpses alive. 
  3. You must deal some damage to every Pile of Corpses, so that every corpse will spawn and attack you.
  4. Put your pet in hostile or defensive mode.

Thats it. The zombies will spawn, run towards you, and as soon as they hit you, your pet will kill them. As a hunter I used the talent "Spiritual bound", so that I can afk for hours without dying.

It is worth noting that you dont need to loot the corpses to get the Lovely Charms, they appear in your bag.

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