Thursday, February 5

Lovely Charm Farm With Level 1 Toon

I found a spot with instant respawns for charm farming

The Mob you will be farming will be Mana Wyrm - NPC - World of Warcraft

First you want to create a lvl 1 blood elf of any race i used a monk and found it quite effective
Run to Silvermoon and pickup the item Lovely Charm Collector's Kit - Item - World of Warcraft
Hearth Back to silvermoon and head to the green orbs where the mana wyrms are located

continue running around and killing them in a circle to net lovely charm as these can be turned into Lovely Charm Bracelet.
you can farm them on a low lvl and send them to your mains

if looking to just farm these it would also be possible to stop your xp so that u dont out level and need to recreate as this was done on a trial toon i had no way of doing this

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