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Guide to increasing FPS in 20man raiding

As we have seen of late – 20man raiding can be very taxing on your system. However – all is not lost. I spent some time looking into some tips and tricks for improving your performance in raids.

1) First thing I will say is – connection – simple if your connection is shit you need to get your provider to fix it. All the FPS in the world wont stop those DC's.

2) The second point that I would like to make is that your fps and your connection at the end of the day is your issue to work through or sort. You are in a raid with 19 other people that are not having the same issue – therefore it is a your duty as a member of this raid team to do everything in your power to resolve the situation for the sake of the other players.

Right so what can you do?
(100% I am not going to say these are fixes and will solve all your issues but – it helped me)

1) Remove your in game combat log – this works much like Skada or Recount effectively spamming your in game chat (often hidden) but still there. Do this by right clicking on the “Combat Log” tab on our chat and deselecting all of the boxes – This will not effect addons such as Skada.

2) Recount is a big NO NO – Get rid of it – download Skada in its place, does the same job for less processing power.

3) OMEN Threat meter – Again I got rid of this – instead I have the “Tank” Threat enabled via TukUI (my chosen UI)

4) TukUI/ElvUI – these UI's are designed to minimize use of system resources (Tukui > About the site

5) Razer Game Booster – Brought to you by those guys that came up with the MMO mouse The Naga and loads of other top of the range gaming hardware. This program is pretty good I must say – I originally beta tested it some months ago and then forgot about it when I reinstalled windows. What it does is manages all your games and optimizes your system to run them. From this program you can check drivers are all up to date, defrag the game file and on launching the game it will shut down background processes to free up your CPU to focus on the game.Razer Cortex: Game Booster

6) Defrag your hard drive.

7) Defrag your game folder (through the razer game booster – or individually)

8 ) Update all Sound, Video drivers......update everything (game booster can do this for you in a few clicks)

9) Windows Updates – Stay up to date with these.

10) Clean your computer! This may sound stupid but a hot computer tends to be a slow computer – make sure there is no dust on your cards ect. (NEVER USE A HOOVER! Compressed air will do the trick)

11) This might sound stupid but – Lower your graphics! - Stop trying to raid in ultra if your computer cant handle it!

12) Close skype!

WoW is a very CPU intensive game. Upgrading RAM and your GPU will only yield negligible improvements for you if you're trying to run it on a terrible CPU. Overclocking may seem like an awesome idea, but the decreased lifespan of your components and potential heat and cooling issues aren't worth it for two extra frames.

If you don't know what the **** you're doing in regards to cleaning your PC out then go here:
Simple to use, and a **** load more effective than screwing around in your registry alone. Which you should never do. Ever.

With heating issues - NEVER take the side panel off of your case. It doesn't cool down the pc, in fact, it screws up the airflow, often leading to warmer components.

Also, if you're running WoW from an SSD, which I doubt you are if you're reading this post but still, there's virtually no improvement after defragging one, so it's not worth the time

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