Sunday, February 1

How to be a dickhead with Blingtron!

If you have Blingtron 5k and Aviana's Feather or an engineering item that gets you up high in air, drop Blingtron while up in the air outside garrison. Bling will remain high in the air and players who are outside garrison will gather where the blue ! mark is on the map but be unable to find or click on the Blingtron.

I'd post screenshot but when I dropped mine on a whim, it ended up so high in Shadowmoon sky it couldn't be seen separate from the starry background.

Useless but a dirty way to drive player crazy trying to find the phantom Blingtron for their daily fix.

This will work in other area but most player could just fly up when they figure out where Blingtron was dropped. In WoD zone, people can't just fly and be able to find and click on it for the quest.

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