Sunday, March 15

Easiest Illidan Kill (Fly Hack Required)

So.. I'm not here to tell you where to get a Fly Hack / NoClip so.. I know I can't stop people from asking but I'd like it if you didn't..

The NoClip is not required but definitely helpful..

If you do not have NoClip just kill High Warlord Najentus & the gate will open..

When you get up towards the top & the screen goes grey.. don't panic.. don't do it.. don't stop..don't swing your camera or otherwise try to adjust.. just keep going..

Since there has been debate over it in the past.. I'll tell you now & I should have put it in my video.. killing any bosses.. most commonly debated the Illidari Council is NOT required..

Without the NoClip the climb towards the end at the top will be slightly different too I may make another video of a "without noclip" version..

I originally figured this out @ WoD launch when not many hacks were available.. NoClip for example & all I had were things like Fly..


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