Monday, March 16

[Hunter] Get rogues out of stealth with PvP toggled off!

Good news everyone!
I play on Argent Dawn which is a roleplaying server. With that said; I am a filthy casual! But the main thing here is that you have the possibility to play with PvP toggled off. Note: To do this trick you have to be a hunter.

Now I just started throwing flares around at Durotar (As alliance) and every single stealthed hordie (Both PvP enabled and Disabled) got forced out of stealth. Pretty sure this isn't intentional assuming you shouldn't be able to affect the opposite faction with PvP toggled off. Great to sabotage duels or help your PvP flagged friends take down some rogues that have PvP on also without getting flagged yourself!

EDIT: Also works on ferals. I assume every stealthed opposite faction like stealthman.


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